« Maintaining proximity, agility and business sense »

Xavier Becquey Head of Operational Performance



Fives serves its clients through its eighteen business lines and its network of over 100 operational entities in highly diverse industries.
An important issue for the Group in terms of growth is capitalizing on its expertise, whilst maintaining proximity, agility and business sense alongside its clients.

Fives works continuously on all drivers of operational performance to control operational risks and maximize performance for its clients (cost, quality, delivery times, technology provided).

This involves:
- the organization and implementation of human resources, with experts at a Group level to provide specific operational support to subsidiaries in fields such as project management, engineering, purchasing, quality and all those linked to contract execution;
- the implementation of a systematic approach to focus teams on best practices, through the development of training (classic training, virtual classes, tutorials, standards and guides), networking, supporting the implementation of efficient digital tools, deployment of recognized initiatives such as lean manufacturing, design to cost and purchase negotiation strategies.

Providing specific operational support

Project management example

A Group-level Project Performance team has supported around ten companies for several months across all Group locations: preparing for major projects, standardizing all processes linked to project management, support for complicated projects, a complete review of subsidiary progress in project management and joint work to implement action plans in order to secure performance.

For example, several companies in North America were supported throughout 2017:

Preparation for the implementation of a major project in the Tube and Pipe business line

Reviews and adjustments of new methods in the aerospace industry

Creation of new processes for departments involved in the implementation of major projects.

The Group implemented a standard allowing companies to assess their progress in project management, as well as for all operational drivers.

Promoting a culture and deploying operational tools

Lean management example

Within the Cryogenics | Energy business line, the teams work in accordance with a Lean Management approach, which is one of the Group strategic program’s four priorities (Operational Excellence). This approach results in the completion of several transformation projects, with optimization of workshop flows and the development of visual management as central themes.
The improvements are significant. Exchanger welding and head manufacturing workshops have reduced transit time by 30% and gained 20% and 15% in productivity respectively.
The cold box assembly workshop is in progress, with similar objectives.
The recent creation of a visual order control room is part of the progressive adoption of new visual management and staff involvement practices.
In-depth transformation is vital and continues to respond to new market requirements and remain competitive by continuing to adapt.

Information systems: reinforcing Group standards/supporting businesses with specific developments

Specific development example

Information Systems performance has developed a turnkey plant costing application for the Cement | Minerals business line.
This collaborative application capitalizes on sector expertise by modeling the entire structure of a cement plant. It allows much quicker and secure costing of all cement plant equipment, as well as the simulation of different possible options and parameters. This development implements efficient web technologies.